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Welcome to the Odin/SMR site

The Odin/SMR site is a science communtity site. As soon as you are logged in and approved as a Odin/SMR site user you can access data from the instrument, papers on Odin and other useful documentation and codesnippets.

The Odin satellite was launched in Feb 2001 as a joint undertaking between Sweden, Canada, France and Finland. It carries two instruments: the Optical Spectrograph and Infra-Red Imaging System OSIRIS and the Sub-Millimetre Radiometer SMR. This site provides information on the SMR instrument and access to data from it.



To obtain data or documents you must be registered as a user on this site. To become a users please send a request to the mission scientist (email address below) with a request for data. Please mention your name, role and organisation. You will receive an email with user and password to this site a couple of days later. By accessing data from the site you agree to standard conditions concerning data rights and the need to contact a member of the Odin science team with a copy to the mission scientist before publication of any Odin data. Once you have logged in you can click on the Search Level2 tab and supply selection criteria. For information on data format, status etc see Data.


Donal Murtagh, mission scientist (
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Latest image of assimilated data

Latest image of assimilated data for ozone (501.8 Ghz) at level 475K