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Aeronomy Level 2 data products.

This file outlines the format and storage of the various data products from the Level 2 processing software. Level 2 is basically any data product derived from Level 1b. Data in a Level 2 file is stored by orbit. SMR Aeronomy Level 2 data will be stored using the HDF-EOS 4 Point object data format. HDF-EOS is an extension of NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) selected by NASA as the baseline standard for EOS (Earth Observing System). The version of the HDF-EOS library used is 2.5. For more information download the documents \HDF-EOS Library User's Guide for the ECS Project, Volume 1: Overview and Examples; Volume 2: Function Reference Guide". This document is available on the web at

level2_product.pdf — PDF document, 77Kb

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