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Odin tropical UT data (v2.1)

This dataset contains upper tropospheric humidity and cloud ice mass derived from Odin-SMR measurements at tropical latitudes (+-30 deg), having a geometrical tangent altitude below 9 km.

This document describes the products and the format of the datafiles.
This file contains retrieved tropical upper tropospheric relative humidity and cloud ice mass.
This file contains retrieved tropical upper tropospheric water vapour in units of volume mixing ratio. Cloud ice mass is found in the file above.
Journal articles
This folder contains journal articles describing the observations used and the different retrieval methods applied. Version 1 of the dataset is not public avaliable, but the corresponding artciles are included as they contain useful background information. Version 1 of the retrievals is covered by Ekström/Eriksson et al, ACP, (2007). Version 2.x is presented by Rydberg et al, AMT, 2009. The present version, v2.1, will be described by a manuscript in preperation. If you use this Odin-SMR dataset, primarily cite Rydberg et al, AMT, 2009, but consider also the other articles when relavant.
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