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The Odin Level 2 data format

Introduction Odin data is stored on an orbit by orbit basis in HDF-EOS format. The data selection interface will select the correct files according to the critera you give. Remember that Odin shares time between Astronomy and atmospheric observations and therefore data is not available for every day.

The contents and filename convention are specified in the document level2_product.pdf . For information on the various mode and frequency selections see SMR_aero_mode.pdf .

The official data products are produce by the Global Environmental Measurements group at Chalmers University of Technology although a scientific processor is also maintained by CNES in France. This and the Chalmers processor are used to validate and improve the quality of the operational products.

Data status

All the stratospheric mode data and most of the data from the other observation modes have been processed and processing continuous with new incoming measurements. Version 1.2 was the first operational stratospheric mode data version produced. Versions 2.0 and 2.1 are based on many improvements resulting from validation and from the scientific processor. Version 2.0 (for the 544 GHz band) and version 2.1 (for the other modes) are the currently produced and recommended level-2 data versions.

Tools for reading the data

Standard HDF-EOS tool can be used. For you convienience you may obtain a MATLAB and IDL read routine here.

For Matlab Click here read_l2_smr.m

For IDL Click here

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